Osprey Consulting Learning Networks 2021

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The Eastern Learning Network (ELN) established 2013

The Northern Learning Network (NLN) foundation year 2021

ELN 2021

Established in 2013 The Eastern Learning Network (ELN), comprised predominantly of schools and colleges in East Auckland flows into 2021 with schools who work together to grow their leadership capabilities and practice to improve learning and teaching. The ELN continues to build on best collaborative leadership practices as a developing Community of Practice that has adult learning at its core.

The ELN continues to offer schools breakfast workshops throughout the year to inquire into and critically analyse leadership practice. Workshops based in Action Research and Collaborative Leadership Inquiry flow through the year to further support Middle Leaders in their learning and growth.

The ELN provides another space for schools from the same Kahui Ako to progress their learning together, cognisant of each Kahui Ako’s Achievement Challenges. Schools value having the platform provided for Senior Leadership, Across School Leads and With-in School Leads to participate in a professional learning community to grow their own and others leadership capabilities in a collaborative setting.

NLN 2021

2021 is the Foundation Year for The Northern Learning Network of schools and colleges on Auckland’s North Shore. The positive impact on the collaborative leadership practices of schools in the ELN has led to requests from school leaders on the North Shore for an NLN. Here the breakfast workshops will be a blended approach of ‘Face-2-Face’ and online workshops.

The focus is growing the leadership learning of Middle leaders (ASL’s/ WSL’s) to lead Collaborative Practice. Senior Leadership Teams are encouraged to join Middle Leaders be a part of the workshops as we bridge the gap between theory and practice for Senior and Middle leadership and teachers at school and system (Kahui Ako) levels.


Maggie 2019 101x115

Maggie Ogram
Director - Osprey Consulting

Howard Presenting 115px

Dr. Howard Youngs
Senior Lecturer - AUT

Mark Osborne

Mark Osborne
Director - Leading Learning

Cathy Wylie

Cathy Wylie
A Chief Researcher at NZCER

Deidre Le Fevre

Deidre Le Fevre
Associate Professor - University of Auckland


Our team of researchers follow through with longitudinal research study into teacher collaborative inquiry practice in the both the ELN and NLN to provide members with feedback to further inform their learning needs in their context. The research continues to be shared as a resource on various platforms globally.

Online Resources

A bank of online resources including workshop material and videos of presentations supports the professional learning. The ELN and NLN online forums and communities gives members the ability to collaborate across both networks and to grow as a Community of Practice.


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Feedback on the Network



"Our biggest success has been coming together as a group of leaders, and having the opportunity to learn together."

Robin Kirkham, Principal
Point View School




"Most of our schools in our Kahui Ako are in this (ELN) forum…our Across School Leaders and Within School Leaders attend. So we are all hearing the same messages."

Gina Benade, Principal,
Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School




"Being new to the ELN this year as Elim Christian College…It has been a wonderful opportunity for us to have frank conversations around leadership and strengthening our inquiries."

Chhaya Narayan
Senior leader, Across School Lead
Elim Christian College