ELN 2021 Programme dates, venues and overview

Schedule of Professional Learning Sessions Term 4


Monday 25 October
Wednesday 27 October
Available from 7:00 am
7:30 – 8:00 am
Pre-recorded Online Session
Live Online Follow-up Discussion


The loss of normalcy and ‘being well’: Humble inquiry with collaborative endeavour

We have experienced a loss of normalcy and the impact of this on our communities and schools has been significant. As schools plan for a hopeful return of their students and staff sometime in term four, two foci become paramount; resilience and well-being. This pre-recorded workshop focuses on how can we possibly minimise ourselves adding to the dilemmas and ‘wicked problems’ that exist across our communities and schools, by surfacing our own fears, reluctance and avoidance. This minimisation through (humble) inquiry is one way of bringing well-being out into the open. You will have opportunity to identify and discuss the challenges of returning this term and how (humble) inquiry may help with connection, care and support for each other.

ELN Team for this session: Dr Howard Youngs and Maggie Ogram

Wednesday 10 November
7:20 - 8:20 am F2F
Available from 7:00am Online
To be confirmed (depending on Alert Levels)


Direction (re)forming and the ‘next normal’: Embracing paradox in growing resilient schools in our communities

We are in transition and possibly a critical juncture in world history. Netolicky (2020) uses the terms, old normal, new normal, and next normal. Some may be between the old normal and new normal as schools adapt once again. It is important we engage with each other in that space between old and new (current situation); this is where anxiety and loss may abound. However, schools also need to be looking into the space between the new normal and the next normal. In this workshop we will draw on aspects of wayfinding leadership (Spiller et al., 2015), that draws on the traditional knowledge of wayfinding while navigating. This will be woven with resilience leadership with a focus on embracing paradox, and risk leadership strategies. Two key questions posed by Netolicky (2020) inform the workshop as we consider our next normal for 2022:

  1. What is it that we’ve missed that we want to bring back in to schooling and education?
    1. For example, how do we reignite and build on the distanced connectedness of our school communities and the relationality of teaching?
  2. What is it that has been removed that we do not want to return to?
    1. For example, how do we want to measure and judge the effectiveness of education? What is the role of schooling and of teachers? (p.394)

ELN Team for this session: Dr Howard Youngs and Maggie Ogram


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